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Vladimir Sitnov

Vladimir Sitnov

Senior Vice-President, Sberbank

Vladimir Sitnov was born in Samara on May 6, 1979.


In 2001, graduated from the Samara State Academy of Economics with a diploma in “Finance and Credit”.

In 2004, received his PhD degree with a thesis on “Economics and National Economy Management: Logistics, Innovation Management”.

In 2006, completed a course in “Enterprise (Business) Evaluation” at the Higher School for Privatization and Entrepreneurship; in 2008, received his MBA diploma from the Russian Government’s Academy of National Economy.

In April 2012, enrolled in the LBS-Sberbank Programme in Management and Finance for Bankers at the Centre for Management Development Company Limited.

Employment history:

With Sberbank since 2000.  Occupied various positions with the Lending Division, Investment Lending and Project Finance Division of Povolzhsky Bank. In 2006, was appointed a head of the Lending Division at Sberbank’s Povolzhsky Bank; starting from October 2009, was Deputy Chairman of Povolzhsky Bank.

In January 2013, was appointed acting Chairman of Povolzhsky Bank, and became Chairman of that bank in May of that same year.

In late October 2018, was redeployed to the Central Head Office of Sberbank in the capacity of a Senior Vice-President overseeing four segments of the Corporate and Investment Business Block.