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Heins Zinner

Heins Zinner

Chairman of the Directors Board, APPM JSC

Date of  birth : 2 may 1941 in the former Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic, moved to Austria in 1948.


Currently, the country of residence - Austria


After high school, entered and graduated from in 1965, the University of Ethnology "Welthandel".


Total work experience in pulp and paper business (production, manufacturing) - more than 50 years.


Worked in the company Bunzl & Biach, Ekman (a Swedish company), Heinzel AG (Austrian trade organization and paper manufacturer ).


Since 2003 till present time – Director of the German-Austrian company "Рulp Mill  Holding", which owns 100% of shares of JSC "Arkhangelsk PPM".


2003-present, elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Arkhangelsk PPM".