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Sergey Gaplikov

Sergey Gaplikov

The Head of the Republic of Komi

Born on April 29, 1970 in Frunze.

Graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a degree in gas-dynamic impulse devices (1996), Moscow State Institute for International Relations as expert lawyer with a degree in public construction and management, the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade with a degree in world economy (2000).

In 1995 he began his career as design engineer in Moscow Research and Development Machine Building Institute. 1996-2000: appointments in the Prefecture of the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow. 2000-2004: appointment in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the RF. 2004-2010: the Chairman of the Government of the Chuvash Republic by the invitation of N. Fyodorov, the Head of the Chuvash Republic. 2010-2011: the Deputy Chief of the RF Government Office.

In 2011 S. Gaplikov became the appointed President of Olimpstroy State Corporation.

09/30/2015 he was appointed the Acting Head of the Republic of Komi by the decree of V. Putin, the RF President.

09/18/2016 he was elected for the Head of the Republic of Komi at the general elections. 09/22/2016 he came into office of the Head of the Republic of Komi