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Marko Summanen

Marko Summanen

VP Business Development, Europe at Fisher International

 Marko Summanen is a paper industry professional with 30 years of experience across management consulting, operations management, project management, strategical planning and sales functions as well as a worldwide scope that includes work in China, Southeast Asia, the US, Canada, and many European countries.

Prior to joining Fisher International, he held various sales and operations management positions at Valmet, running projects that included starting up 10 new paper machines in Europe, North America and Asia. As Director of Service and Mill Improvements, his team focused on paper mill efficiency improvements and cost savings. He was also responsible for agreements business and developing the new services business models.

Throughout his career, Mr. Summanen has championed the transformative power of data-driven management. At Fisher, his solutions-focused approach helps clients improve performance and expand their position in the marketplace using data, analytics, and leveraged consulting.