Russian pulp and paper industry - NEW REALITIES, NEW OPPORTUNITIES

25 - 26 January, 2022, Vienna - AUSTRIA (canceled)

"Russian Pulp and Paper Industry - NEW REALITIES, NEW OPPORTUNITIES" 6th International Conference

See you soon in Vienna!

See you soon in Vienna!

The VI International Conference "Russian Pulp and Paper Industry - New Realities, New Opportunities" is scheduled from 25 to 26 January 2022 at the Grand Hotel Vienna (Austria, Vienna). In 2021, the organizers set the task to hold the Conference at a high level, noting the particular importance of this event for the development of not only the pulp and paper industry, but the entire forestry complex of Russia as a whole.

Organizers are confident that the upcoming VI International Conference "RUSSIAN PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRY - NEW REALITIES, NEW OPPORTUNITIES" will be held at a high level, will provide an opportunity for speakers and discussion participants to share achievements, exchange experience and opinions on the most pressing industry issues, among which one the first places is taken by investments attraction, will make a significant contribution to the fastest possible entry of Russia to a decent position at pulp and paper products markets; widespread development of modern and technologically advanced productions.

Welcome to the 6th International Conference 2022 in Vienna, Austria!

Conference Organizers

Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters Russia


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation


ASPPI - Association of Specialists of the Pulp and Paper Industry


Wien Grand Hotel